A Different Way to Work with Consultant Dietitians

Did you ever have a problem to solve related to food, nutrition or dining and think:

Do I have to start from scratch to solve this?  Is there someone who knows exactly what we need?

I don’t want another bland solution. I want a solution that embraces cutting edge trends and surpasses industry standards. A solution based on nutrition research and latest thinking.  One that shows we have nutrition authority.

  Isn’t there a way to get what I want without having to step away from the primary focus of my job?  Is there someone with the right credentials who can take care of this?

If I want to develop or promote a food product to the healthcare industry, who can guide me?

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You Have a Vision for Food and Nutrition

But to get there, you know it’s going to take something different

Maybe you’ve already had a consultant involved but didn’t get the results you thought you deserved.  Maybe you need someone with a deeper level of expertise.  

You want someone who not only understands food and nutrition but also gets your vision.   And your values.  Someone who can connect with your team as well as your residents or clients.  Is that asking too much?

 We don’t think so. 

A Different Way to Work with Consultant Dietitians

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We are a different kind of consultants.

We are about getting real about what you need to finally reach your food and nutrition goals.


If you are looking for a consultant because you need to check a box, we are not for you.  If you want someone to:

lay it out for you,

give you options,

work with your team,

give you the good news with the bad,

offer meaningful solutions that you can afford and

make measurable progress every quarter,


Then give us a call.

Let’s Talk

We look at your unique situation and factor in your goals and aspirations We don’t start from scratch. We leverage our expertise and your know-how and come up with a customized approach.

This isn’t about us bringing our cookie cutter program to you It’s about us understanding what you need. And we have a lot to draw from.  We have 30 plus years of food and nutrition experience along with advanced level dietetic credentials.


A few more thoughts: 

From over 30 years in the field, we know all things healthcare foodservice including regulatory compliance.  We love food, nutrition, menus, therapeutic diets, recipes, nutritional analysis, food safety, education and training and product development.  We have advanced credentials and are committed lifelong learners


If it has to do with nutrition and dining, we’ve got you covered.  We work with what you have, know how to work within a budget and believe in promoting a supportive culture of collaboration and high performance.

Need Help Implementing IDDSI?

Need Help Implementing IDDSI?