Dietitians do a lot…

And now are trying to accomplish even more.  At the same time, we are covering a vast area from food to medical nutrition therapy to management.  Roche Dietitians is a team of dietitians.  We understand the pressure dietitians face to get things done while maintaining the high standards most of us strive for.


Let us help you. 

We can jump into any project that you need a dietitian for.  You can even hand the whole thing off to us.  We are the kind of dietitians that share your values of getting it done well and in accordance with the highest standards of practice.

Here are some of the areas where we have helped other dietitians in their work:


Senior Living (independent dietitians and corporate dietitians) 

Acute Care (menu development, food service policies and clinical policies/support, staffing)

Consulting Groups (menu development and policy work)

Contract Foodservice (menu development, corporate policies, continuing education)

Buying Groups (continuing education and menu development)

Food Service Distribution (continuing education and menu development)

Independent Dietitians (support for all aspects of consulting)

Public Relations/Communications (research, nutrition message, marketing)

Food Manufacturing (product development, nutrition message, marketing, nutritional analysis)



We mean it when we say we support dietitians. Even if you don’t think you can hire us, we are always happy to make a new dietitian friend. Feel free to give us a call if you want to connect or bounce something off us.