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Senior Living

What can Roche Dietitians do to help you in the Senior Living Sector?

Here’s your problem related to dining and it’s big….

·       Your residents are not happy because your food is lacking in flavor. 

·       Your Dining team is unaware of the IDDSI standards.

·       Enter more here.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this problem was solved for you?

Do you ever feel stuck trying to find a solution to a dining services problem?  Do you wonder how to locate the resources needed to fix your dining services related problems?

We can help.  We are a resource for you.  We can align our dining program to align with your company’s values and mission to help you hit the mark OR delight your residents with food. 

Not sure how to best make your dining program more efficient or get it to run the way you’d like?  We can help with that too.  We love a good challenge and excel at pinpointing solutions to help you save money while making your residents happier.


We will help you fill beds/apartments (need new term for this—turn a profit? Make money). 

 We all know that dining plays a role in resident satisfaction, and that dining also plays a role in attracting and retaining residents. 

 In our experience, residents and their families are becoming increasingly knowledgeable in regards to food and nutrition.  They are simply not satisfied with a cookie-cutter approach to their dining experience and are more vocal about this request. 

 We have had success by approaching these residents’ requests through customized menus and recipes to please even the pickiest of individuals.  We will work with your most vocal of residents and family members to reassure them that you are working to better meet their preferences and have their best interests at heart.

Our work will allow you to enjoy your job more. 

Are you up to speed and ready for IDDSI?  

Are you feeling lost and confused in the process of preparing your community for these new changes in the dysphagia diet? 

Is planning for IDDSI implementation taking away from the other aspects of your job? 

We know how confusing and arduous it can be to plan for widespread dining changes in your community.  We know that you can often get lost in taking that first step or implementing the various steps needed to make an impact on your community.

We can perform comprehensive analyses of your community to identify your pain points and determine the best and most efficient next steps of action.

Our 30 years of experience in tackling dining services problems and changes has provided us with an arsenal of solutions to help you focus on the other aspects of your job. 

Minimize your risk/liability. 

 Do you have survey problems? 

Have you had any choking incidents? 

Are you residents and their families expressing dissatisfaction with your current food offerings? 

We all know that these issues can become completely consuming and can also become larger problems if not addressed in a timely fashion. 

Our team of dietitians has a vast knowledge of the regulations surrounding your community and has tailored creative solutions to all dining service problems. 

We love policies, procedures, diet manuals, and in-services.   We can outfit your community with the supportive literature to protect your liability.

Let us identify your pain point and work to ensure that your weakness becomes your community’s greatest strength.

At the end of the day, we know that you want what’s best for your residents.

Good food means a better life for our residents.  Simply put, residents are more likely to eat if they enjoy the food served.  Our experience and research shows that healthy eating translates to healthier residents who:

·       Are more independent

·       Go to the hospital less often

·       Participate more in life

·       Are overall happier 

We operate through evidenced based nutritional practice because it allows us to do what is right for the older adult. 

We work to model the Pioneer Network Dining Standards in our practice by encouraging increased intake through liberalization of the diet. 

We promote the limitation of therapeutic diets, as research has shown that these lead to poor overall health outcomes.

Our tasty recipes and menus will help you maximize your residents’ nutritional needs and improve resident satisfaction.  Our distinctive solutions to dining services issues will help differentiate you from your competition.


Not convinced yet?

You can meet your goals faster, with less investment, and with more authority by having an in-house dietitian program.

 We can help you by: 

  1.  Being your corporate dietitian 

  2. Supporting your corporate dietitian 

  3. Helping with the transition away from the “cookie-cutter” consultant to a better, more individualized approach to maximize value brought to residents and ultimately save you time & money