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Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities

Do you feel like your Food Service department could use a little fine-tuning? 

Is Dining Services is a foreign language? 

Are you struggling with high food costs on a limited budget? 

Are you nervous about residents’ safety in swallowing and the mechanically altered food textures produced in your kitchen? 

Are your residents unhappy with the food served? 

Is your kitchen ready for a Public Health Department visit?

Do you feel lost without an answer to any of these aforementioned problems?  Do you think you need another opinion in diagnosing any unforeseen issues within the food realm?

Wouldn’t it be nice if these problems were solved by someone other than you?

We are the key to your food and nutrition related troubles.  We are different than other dietitians.  We pride ourselves on our individualized approach that focuses on resident wellness.  We provide tailored value, while saving you time and money.


Increase your confidence and peace of mind with food service.