Be Confident in Your Food and Nutrition Expertise

Imagine that you can provide nutritional care to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities with the confidence you’re offering food choices that are nutritious, easy to prepare and tasty.   You’re able to feed folks in a way that embraces the current preventative health recommendations and accommodates needs for special modifications such as diabetes, hypertension or chewing and swallowing problems.  Your food is safe, and your kitchens are clean.  All within budget.  It’s possible, more so today than ever.  What it takes is having expert dietitian partners with the right tools to help you.


Tap into Our Dietetic Expertise

Roche Dietitians has been working with providers of services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities for more than 30 years.  Through our chef/dietitian planned menus, targeted nutrition interventions and successful training programs we have helped providers make serving food in a systematic way a priority and wellness part of the culture.  We have resources for all community settings from small group homes to campuses with centralized kitchens. 


Tools and Training

Between our vast library of resources and our 30 plus years of experience, we have what you need to solve whatever food or nutrition problem you may be facing.  We’ll share our know-how in any way that works for you, be it via monthly contract or on a project basis.  Give us a call and let’s talk.


Menu Planning

Our menus are planned specifically for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  We have different menus to accommodate a variety of lifestyles such as workers who carry a packed lunch or retirees who enjoy larger breakfasts.  With our cloud-based menu program, we can customize your menu to meet the preferences of the folks you serve, and the skill set of your team.  We also have paper menus that fit any budget.


Puree/Texture Modified Foods

Puree and texture modified diets are serious business.  You don’t have to worry about getting it right when there are new easy-to-use tools for safely serving these special diets.  We have extensive experience with puree and texture modified diets and have approaches for those serving one modified meal or many. 

Roche Dietitians’ all-encompassing puree and texture modified foods toolkit includes: recipes and menus, training, policies, audits, food testing and meal observation tools and more.