Be Known for Your Healthcare Expertise


When it comes to bringing a food or nutrition product to the healthcare market you need a guide.  You want discriminating customers to know you’ve done your homework.  For example, product specification can make or break your ability to fit into the healthcare market.  Getting the precise nutrient framework and targeted nutrition message right as early as possible (ideally during product development) says you understand what the market needs.


Tap into Our Dietetic Expertise

Roche Dietitians has been working with food manufacturers, marketing and public relations firms, associations and other industries interacting with healthcare for over 30 years.  We have the credentials that people notice and more importantly give us the knowledge to advise you on how to develop and present your product to the healthcare market.


Reach Your Core Audience

Having the right market insight translates to a product that speaks directly to the needs and wants of your core audience and influencers.  We will help you understand the healthcare market, so you can develop an exciting product and craft the right nutrition message that sets you up for success.