A New Way to Work with Consultant Dietitians


Let us show you how nutrition can be a differentiator for you.

·       Cookie cutter won’t work.  Mass produced solutions

·       Older adults have unique nutritional needs

·       Mirroring old school hospital therapeutic diets is no longer going to work

·       Nutrition is more than therapeutic diets

·       Nutrition is not about restriction but about choice

·       Doing nutrition right gives you authority


  Differentiate Your Community through Dining

·       Standard out of the box menus no longer work

·       Food that folks relate to

·       Use your culinary skills to  We work with your culinary team

·       A nutritionally adequate  menu is baseline even in senior living

·       Opportunities for the food that you buy

·       Product specification

·       We have seen it and done it in Senior Living

·        Texture modified diets

·        Gluten Restricted Diets

·        Need the right tools


  Message to Corporate Leadership

·       Can’t outsource it all, need a corporate nutrition philosophy and dietetic signature

·       Takes dietetic credentials, understanding of industry,

·       Need corporate dietetic program

·       We can establish that for you, we understand the business of dietetics for senior living

·       Before you spend another dollar on food and nutrition, let’s talk.

·       Don’t let another quarter go by

·       Get serious about nutrition/dietetics and AL and SNF



Skilled Nursing

·        Its healthcare

·        Nutrition plays a vital role

·       Embracing person centered care not just giving it lip service

·        Support your dietitian

·       We can pinpoint solutions  excel at pinpointing solutions

Memory Care

·       Special nutrition and dietary needs

·       Different needs for different levels of dementia



We Support Dietitians

·       Independent Dietitians:  We’ve got your back. We will help you stay independent with policies, recipes, menus, diet manual, forms, checklists and most importantly, a community of support and mentorship opportunities.

·       Corporate Dietitians:  Don’t re-invent the wheel but keep your corporate brand.  We can support you in any way as you build and keep current your corporate dietetic program.  No project is too big or too small.


Regulatory Know-how

·       Our approach is to  help you put the systems in place to keep you out of regulatory trouble rather than help you once you are there.

·       Training